We exclusively work on unique ideas in the emerging sector of blockchain technology

Areas of expertise

Exchange Solutions

Developing exchange platforms, such as Uniswap, Sushiwap, 1inch or other decentralized applications

Wallet Solutions

Developing wallets for digital assets, including smart contract functionality if desired

DeFi Solutions

Developing decentralized solutions for the finance sector


From building smart contracts, wallets to UI/UX and full back-end implementation


Nerve Global GmbH

The core development team of NERVE has been operating together since early 2015. With an initial focus on next-gen online multiplayer games, we ventured deep into complex networking and security structures and gained the necessary expertise to handle critical value transactions on the blockchain. We brought our own computer game to the market in 2017 and collected valuable experience in financial and organizational business operation.


Every team member has been active as a blockchain consultant for more than three years and the overall knowledge about blockchain technology is exceptional. To bring that into scope: at NERVE we are implementing our own code for blockchain interactions based on mathematical and cryptographic principles.


Our conviction is that everything strives for more complexity and it is our duty to enable people to find their place in a new world of digital experience. We create global markets that allow the exchange of value between advanced and emerging economies, redistributing value and accelerating global digitization. 


The crypto community values trustless interactions brought by blockchain technology. This holds true for the deterministic execution of transactions on the blockchain, but does not take into account the direct exchange and interaction between people, especially when these play out in the non-digital world. It is naive to trust anyone, but it is at the same time very cynical to make distrust the basis of human interaction. We firmly believe that the majority of people are able to trust each other.


It is our final goal to bring people together and form new communities using trustless systems online, but also demonstrating and instantiating trust between people in the offline world.

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Nerve Global GmbH

Development, operation and sale of software for consumers and corporate customers as well as provision of consulting services in the field of information technology.

Weinbergstrasse 26

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