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Our blockchain consulting process



The next revolution could be a result of your idea. Turn it into tangible solutions with us



We get into the details of your business and suggest the possible solutions for the proposed project



We create a framework and prototype to demonstrate the feasibility of a real-world solution



Nerve Global builds your blockchain product, including UI/UX and full front-end as well as back-end implementation

Example case industries

McKinsey ranks the public sector, technology, media, telecom, and financial services as the industries, where blockchain can have a large impact and implementation is relatively feasible. These spaces tend to be decentralized and asset-light, making them perfect candidates for benefiting from blockchain integration.

Blockchain allows for decentralized exchanges, services and escrow, while offering more transparency, immutability as well as multi sig contracts to clients

Decentralized ledger solutions will help to save costs, reduce the carbon footprint by optimizing processes and add transparency to the value chain from resource extraction, through intermediate steps to the end customer

Inefficient bureaucratic processes and slow title register offices leave room for innovation through digitizing assets and decentralizing the home loan and insurance marketplace. This will help reduce human error and allow for an efficient risk allocation

Making use of opportunities to enhance the international dialogue and bring transparency into the electoral process and campaign fund management

Our process is designed to make your journey between ideation and implementation frictionless and accountable.

We define the new status quo

Our team is made up of young entrepreneurs, who do not accept the status quo and strive to advance the global economy through decentralization. This attitude defines every aspect of our enterprise and shapes our corporate culture, providing the basis for above-average results at the cutting edge of technology.

We help you advance to the digitized age

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